1025Connect Connects Subsea Cable Systems That Land In Long Island To Terrestrial Networks

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1025Connect is Long Island’s premier carrier hotel and network-neutral Meet-Me Room for interconnection and colocation. Below is our recent interview with Dan Lunde, Managing Director at 1025Connect:

Q: 1025Connect is ‘Long Island’s Connectivity Hub’ – what does that mean and what do you want our readers to know about what you do?

A: 1025Connect is a carrier neutral facility that connects subsea cable systems that land in Long Island to terrestrial networks. We are unique in that there are several Manhattan bypass fiber routes that provide network redundancy and diversity. Also, our facility is situated at the easternmost U.S. peering point in the New York metro area, what we refer to as “the Continental Edge.” There are three million eyeballs on Long Island, eight million if you include Brooklyn and Queens, which is physically part of Long Island. We are a flexible facility, with no monthly cross-connect fees, and all we charge on a monthly basis is for space and power.

Q: You recently announced that DE-CX, the Internet Platform is now providing connectivity at 1025Connect. What opportunities does this offer to customers in (and/or out) of your data center?

A: The DE-CIX access point provides peering members in New York with direct access to a number of subsea systems and global networks currently located at 1025Connect, including Aqua Comms and Epsilon. DE-CIX’s premium network interconnection platform will provide 1025Connect customers with access to world-class peering and connectivity solutions that are proven to enhance IP performance.

1025Connect customers can now leverage the capability to deliver a variety of Layer 2 solutions, including DE-CIX’s leading GlobePEER Remote Service, which provides turnkey connectivity to DE-CIX Frankfurt, Germany, where over 900 unique networks connect. DE-CIX’s New York exchange provides reach to over 160 unique networks facilitating direct connectivity for North American, Caribbean, Latin American and European networks seeking peering opportunities with U.S.-based content and network providers.

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Q: Besides, space, power and connectivity, what are other services you offer that our readers would be interested to know?

A: We provide an array of flexible colocation services to meet organizations’ unique requirements. We offer cabinets, secure cages and custom data suites customized to suit specific space and electrical needs, with the ability to connect to a number of providers in our network-neutral Meet-Me Room (MMR). We also offer roof rights and disaster recovery seats in addition to available in-building office space. This provides a total solution that combines secure colocation with the ability to conduct operations on-site. One analogy I make is that we are like a boutique hotel or a small airport that flies international; 1025Connect is best-of-class and easy to work with.

Q: What are the key differentiators to 1025Connect and what makes Long Island a unique interconnection point?

A: Since Long Island is in fact an island, most of the data transmitted is coming from and going to Long Island via Manhattan. Historically, this has made Long Island unsuitable for locating a data center, colocation facility or disaster recovery center. With multiple providers, Manhattan Bypass fiber routes and connectivity to submarine cable landings, this problem has been solved.

Having major fiber optic networks available to our tenants and eliminating the costs and delays of a fiber build allows users the flexibility to connect to on-net locations on Long Island and New York City with 1025Connect as the common network exchange point. There is no other building on Long Island with that capability which creates redundancy and diversity while moving the traffic to the “Continental Edge”.

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Q: Anything exciting on the horizon for 1025Connect?

A: Introducing the new Crosslake Fibre system adds another strategic option on the Continental Edge and strengthens our position as the easternmost peering point in the New York metro area, providing a truly diverse, subsea Manhattan Bypass route for our customers. The concept of Crosslake Fibre’s WALL-LI project is to build a new subsea cable from Wall, New Jersey, up to Long Island, with two endpoints located at the 1025Connect data center and the NJFX Tier 3 colocation campus.

Additionally, Cleareon has introduced a new subsea system to provide Wavelengths between the transatlantic cable landing stations at 1025Connect and Wall Township, NJ with a connecting spur to Carteret NJ followed in 2019 with a connection to Ashburn, VA. This New NYNJ-1 cable offers physical diversity as alternative route that bypasses New York City. The Wavelengths connect to Cleareon’s service assured PANMetro solution, which is a carrier grade transport network that connects to a vast data center ecosystem of wireline and wireless carriers, clouds, financial services, content companies and digital services providers. Cleareon’s projected service turn-up is Q4 2018, at which time 1025Connect customers will benefit from yet another means to bypass Manhattan for greater network diversity.