10000ft’s Software Helps You Make Confident Operational Decisions About Your Teams And Projects

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10,000ft is project resource management software that empowers dynamic, project-based organizations to make confident operational decisions. They use simple and powerful design to make it easy for teams to see and act on critical data across projects while staying focused on high-level outcomes.

Since their launch six years ago, they have over 1,000 companies using their software to simplify their processes and scale their businesses across diverse industries like design, marketing, computer software, management consulting, architecture, and retail.

Below is our recent interview with Martijn van Tilburg, CEO at 10,000ft:

Martijn van Tilburg

Q: Who are the primary users of 10,000ft and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: Our focus is on helping directors and managers who are responsible for staffing and executing simultaneous projects on-time and on-budget.

Unlike traditional software that’s mostly focused on task checklists and project workflows, our goal is to make it easy to access important information like project budgets, team utilization, staffing conflicts, and hiring needs. Operational decision makers can use this information to better anticipate and act on the changes that inevitably come up during creative projects.

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Q: What are some of the biggest business trends you’ve noticed since your launch in 2012?

A: With the growing number of software solutions that most companies are now using, we’re seeing that key data is often getting lost or that it’s inaccurate, outdated, or one dimensional to begin with. This makes it difficult to trust the information that’s driving important decisions.

Even with more data available than ever, teams can end up working in unproductive or overlapping siloes because they don’t have visibility into broader business goals or the work that’s being done outside of their immediate circles.

This is frustrating for managers who struggle to deliver projects on time, it’s frustrating for team members who duplicate efforts or produce work that doesn’t make a significant impact on the organization, and it’s frustrating for clients and other stakeholders who aren’t seeing the results they’re expecting.

Surfacing actionable data in a simple way has become our rallying cry. We want people to be able to spend less time using software because they’re able to quickly get the information they need to make operational decisions, without second guessing.

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: There are three main feature areas in 10,000ft.

1) Project staffing and resource management so you always know what’s happening
· Better ability to estimate, plan, resource, and course correct projects on-time and on-budget with timely, accurate data from the team.
· Toggle between a big picture view or detailed view of your project portfolio, individual projects, teams, and people.

2) Project health dashboard and status tracking to keep everyone on the same page
· Transparency around key project details like the schedule and budget so everyone across the company can make informed day-to-day decisions.
· A plan of record that clearly maps individual tasks to project goals and outcomes.
· Painless time tracking and status updates so people can focus on the work they love.

3) Project budget reporting and team utilization reporting for clear insights across the company
· Custom analytics to evaluate your entire portfolio to forecast immediate and long-term staffing and growth needs.
· Confidence and precision as you communicate with clients and executives and map the future of your business.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We’re in constant pursuit of refining 10,000ft to meet the needs of the modern, ever-evolving workforce. This means that even as businesses become more complex, we’re committed to building powerful but easy-to-use software that doesn’t feel complex.

Our goal is to enable people to do their best work and thrive in their jobs.